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Satya Nadella: Continuum can create a new Smartphone category three years down the line



Microsoft is betting heavily on the Continuum for Phones feature to define its smartphone or Mobile presence down the line with CEO Satya Nadella even comparing it to how Surface Tablets were able to create the 2-in-1 category. Surface Tablets were initially met with failure, but with Microsoft bringing full Windows on Pro range it changed its fate and now Surface Tablets have seen lots of inspired me-too competitors even Apple following Microsoft in creating one.

In an interview Satya has talked about Microsoft’s strategy of building upon the unique capability of Continuum for Phones and expecting it to carve a new category of “Continuum Phones”. Good news is that Satya has talked about Windows 10 Mobile smartphones’ existence three year down the line.

But what we get….I’m not trying to be another phone guy with the other person’s rules. What is unique about our phones is this Continuum feature. [Continuum lets you take the screen of your Windows phone and connect it to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and use it like a computer].
If anything we will want to continue to build that capability out.
Just like how with Surface we were able to create a category. Three years ago most people would have said “what is a two-in-one”? And now even Apple has a two-in-one. And so three years from now, I hope that people will look and say, “oh wow, that’s right, this is a phone that can also be a PC.”

We have also reported via our sources that Microsoft is working on “Enhanced Continnum” with many new features and capabilities. Even the upcoming Flagship Lumia 960 aka RM-1162 will support Enhanced Continuum. Some of upcoming new features like using Win32 apps while in Continuum mode may become truly smartphone productivity defining features.

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