During its Ignite event, Microsoft has claimed that it remains committed to Windows 10 Mobile and what it terms as differentiated 1st party devices. In a slide taken from the official session titled “Discover what’s next for Windows 10 Mobile for phones and small tablets”, Microsoft talks about its commitment to Windows 10 Mobile and device Eco-system.

This can give some relief to many Windows Phone fans worried about Surface Phone’s fate. Though as per our best info, Surface Phone may be delayed to August-September 2017, yet still on.


Microsoft has also talked about new features coming with Windows 10 Mobile Summer update.

The summer update of Windows 10 Mobile delivers some very important updated and new functionality to Microsoft’s mobile OS. Organizations continue to increase their investment in digital transformation with mobility, but encounter challenges. Discover how Windows 10 Mobile, build on a common core and Universal Windows Platform apps, brings opportunities to provide mobility solutions and services to today’s workers. Windows 10 Mobile delivers enterprise productivity and, the security and manageability that organizations require. They’ll need help, from you and from Windows 10 Mobile. Discover new business opportunities to provide mobility products and services.

Windows 10 Mobile Summer update aka Redstone 2’s new features and changes may reveal themselves in upcoming builds.

Thanks Vishi, Necro & other for the tip, Cheers!!

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