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Updated: Got Lumia Denim, now update Lumia Camera to get Lumia Camera 5 from store


Well, Microsoft has now changed track and latest reply from them tells that post Lumia Denim update, one needs to update to latest version of Lumia Camera from Windows Phone store to get the Lumia Camera 5 with all great Denim imaging features.

The Denim software package does not include the latest version of the Lumia camera app. We recommend upgrading the app from Store manually in case the Update apps automatically has been turned off in Store settings.

This applies for Lumia 930, 1520, Icon and 830 devices.


Lumia_CameraWe told you so (Lumia Camera 5 comes with Lumia Denim OTA update) and recent Lumia Camera app update didn’t bring “new Denim imaging features” to Lumia 830, regardless of any such claim, you may have heard.

Microsoft has now confirmed in reply to a FAQ that Lumia Camera 5 will arrive with Lumia Denim update to Lumia 830, 930, 1520 and Icon. Yes, Lumia 830 comes with Lumia Denim, but without any Lumia Denim imaging goodies. The latest Lumia Denim firmware which will roll out OTA ,will bring Lumia Camera 5 to Lumia 830 too. Hope, this puts all confusions to an end!!

Lumia 830, 930, 1520 and Icon will automatically get the new Lumia Camera 5 application with the Lumia Denim software update. Lumia Camera Classic represents the existing camera (formerly known as Nokia Camera, now Lumia Camera 4). This application lets you revert back to the predecessor version. Go to Store to download and install.

As, we earlier told you, it’s Lumia Camera classic, which can be used for Lumia 830, 930, 1520 and Icon, till the latest Lumia Denim update hits them.


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  • Saban Hamzaa

    I have lumia 535? is it avaliable for my phone?

  • so when will this ota update will hit 830 in India its been ages now

  • My 630 (UK country variant) updated to Lumia Camera this morning. Does this mean Denim is on it’s way??? Do hope so, Cortana US version doesn’t understand my accent….lol

  • Indrajeet Singh

    But how do we update?? My 830 had Lumia 830 out of box but even now it is Lumia Camera Classic with no update seen!! How will it update?

    • Kamal

      Microsoft need to push the new Denim firmware for Lumia 830 first. Stay tuned for updates.

      • Indrajeet Singh

        That is confusion 830 i have came with Denim out of box but store only shows Lumia Camera Classic

        • Prodigy1

          Yes, it has Denim out of the box, but Lumia 830 still needs a small firmware update in order to enable Lumia Camera 5 goodies. This will happen in the near future.

      • So Kamal, you’re saying the Lumia 830 with Denim needs a newer version from Denim that still needs to be pushed? That is indeed very confusing… So everybody with a 830 bought it with a cripled camera experience and is already waiting in vain for months? This makes MSFT look very bad… 🙁

        • Kamal

          If you set your region to Finland or Denmark, then you can still install Lumia Camera 5 on your Lumia 830. but it will not open saying you need a “software update”. Hope this gives you an idea about why Lumia 830 needs newer Denim firmware.

          • Ok thanks! So the Lumia 830 was in fact released with a sort of beta Denim firmware? That’s not cool… 🙁

  • bmcfadd

    Thanks for this. I keep reading about everything that will be with denim but since my 830 already has denim I’m concerned about the 4 second launch of the camera app. Right now my 830 has Microsoft Camera, Lumia Camera Classic and Nokia Camera. That’s confusing!

    • Prodigy1

      Indeed it is. It has Denim out of the box, but Lumia 830 still needs a small
      firmware update in order to enable Lumia Camera 5 goodies. This will
      happen in the near future, so don’t worry about that. As is normal with MS, things need a bit of extra time 😉

  • Josemon Philip

    Is it available in 1020

    • ArioX

      It is NOT, and it WILL be NOT… sad :/