Like if the existing pricing was too high, Nokia Lumia 521 can now be had at MetroPCS for just $30. The actual pricing is $50, but you get a mail-in rebate of $20, so that pretty much pulls the pricing down to $30 ($29 to be exact).nokia-lumia-521-no-contract-4-win-8-smartphone-d-2013042610215723~267501

So if MetroPCS offers a good coverage in your area and you’re looking to get a smartphone at a budget, you just can’t find anything better than the Lumia 521. Its already a bargain deal.

However its worth mentioning that the Lumia 521 has become a little outdated with the introduction of Lumia 525 which pushes the amount of RAM to 1gig, something which gamers are going to praise heavily.