Joe MSMicosoft’s Joe Belfiore has taken to the Twitter to put the message across that Windows Phone had good holidays sales last year. According to him, Windows Phone activations more than doubled during holidays. He has also confirmed that here we are talking about Year-on-Year figures. While this looks like good news, Quarter on Quarter there has been slight decline in Lumia sales as indicated by Nokia in its quarterly statement. Now, as Nokia sold 4.4 million Lumias in Q4 2012, so may be the Lumia sales in Q4 2013 has been close to 8 million. It would still be less than what Nokia sole in Q3 2014 (8.8 millions).

While a jump of 4.4 million to 8 million sales YOY may look good, but QOQ decline and that too when the latest quarter is holiday one, doesn’t paint a rosy picture here. There may be many reasons for this decline, but bad product planning by Nokia and MS-Nokia deal announcement may be the major ones. Lumia 525 and 1320 roll-outs were too late and too slow. There has been no proper replacement of Lumia 720 and Lumia 820 yet. MS-Nokia deal announcement may have taken its toll on motivation level of sales-force and also on dealer’s willingness to stock the Nokia phones.

Here is the tweet from Joe,