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Joe Belfiore: News on Office for Windows Phone before 19th feb. Windows customization for China also to be revealed

Joe Belfiore has taken to China's social networking site Weibo to confirm two important things: News on Office for Windows Phone coming before 19th Feb (Chinese New year): At the end of 2014 open letter I would like to thank you, know we are on iOS and Android platforms, Microsoft released a

JB: Dropbox doing official app for Windows Phone. Use NFC payment in US with Softcard

  Microsoft's Joe Belfiore has revealed two interesting bits of info yesterday. Seems, Dropbox is planning to bring its official app to Windows phone, though timeline is not known. Second.. we just announced today that Dropbox will be doing an official app for WP. (No, I don't know the exact timing!) — joebelfiore

Joe Belfiore clarifies: BitLocker issue fixed, only a small set of “internal testers” affected

Joe Belfiore has responded to complaints of some Lumia owners,  who are still facing the issue due to BitLocker encryption on their devices. Windows Phone 8.1 developers preview running Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520 on AT&T and Lumia 920 on T-Mobile Germany started getting Lumia Cyan update OTA starting yesterday, but