DLNA play now comes pre-loaded on 808 PureView and is available for other Belle devices at the Nokia Store. Since many of us don’t have DLNA capable devices (including me) it is hard to demo this application’s usability. But then most of us have got PC and watch movies and videos on that. So what if we can use DLNA play application on Nokia devices to stream the media on our PCs 🙂

In order to do that first we need to configure our PC by following the small tutorial below.

Follow the path shown below in the screenshot and turn the “Media streaming” option on. In case you are not using Windows 7 you can still find out “Network and Sharing centre” from Control Panel and change the sharing settings to turn “Media Streaming” on.

Next you have to go and open the “Windows Media Player” and click on the library option. Then click on the Stream and check both the options there. Now your PC is configured to receive media streaming from your DLNA device.

Watch the video below to see the demo of DLNA play streaming to PC in action,