Popular Windows Phone app developer Rudy Huyn today announced on twitter that he has started the development of its popular instagram client 6tag , to bring it universally to all Windows 10 powered devices.

The 6tag which we are using right now its develop by using Silverlight frameworks for Windows phones. So there will be a bit of more work on app code to use the new API sets of Windows 10. That’s why Rudy also announced that it will takes 2 months to develop the universal app and taking it to stable state.

Further more Rudy also tweeted that, at first the app will be available to only beta testers. So that the further development of app will be good on users feedback.

So users make some patience, coding is not so easy as you thinking might be. Also 6tag will be the first Universal app from Rudy Huyn.
Best luck Rudy Huyn.