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6tag Updated to Use WinRT API’s For Live Tile

Popular Instagram third party client 6tag today received a minor update in Windows phone store. As our official Instagram client does not provide all features of Instagram service. Users are looking for third party client app. 6tag is most full featured Instagram client built for Windows phone. Which has 100% original Instagram

Development of 6tag Universal Windows App Has Now Started.

Popular Windows Phone app developer Rudy Huyn today announced on twitter that he has started the development of its popular instagram client 6tag , to bring it universally to all Windows 10 powered devices. The 6tag which we are using right now its develop by using Silverlight frameworks for Windows phones.

Rudy Huyn brings his new app, 6discover to Windows Phone Store.

Rudy Huyn, has launched his 6th app, 6discover. This app is powered by Snapchat’s recently announced Discover service. The app will allow you to explore Stories from CNN, National Geographic, Yahoo, Comedy Central and some other editorial teams. 6discover Description: 6discover is a new way to explore Stories from MTV, CNN, Cosmopolitan, Food

6tin will get notifications back with new update

  Windows Phone app 6tin is popular 3rd party Tinder client from star developer Rudy Huyn. Somehow the app stopped showing notifications sometime back on Windows Phone 8.1 devices. But, this may change with a  new update as Rudy has tweeted saying that "notifications will be back". a good news is coming