He never ceases to surprise with awesomeness of his videos captured with 808 PureView. Yes  has posted a new video captured with 808 PureView. This time it is a close up video of “Rose Chafer beetle”. Colors look magnificent. Video is damn clear and the as always the background music selection rocks. Though he admits that it was also possible with only 808 PureView to capture so close, but he has used Vivitar Ser-VII close up lens along with 808 PureView to get so close to the Beetle.

Although it is possible to close up relatively near with Nokia 808, I could not resist the temptation to try even closer with my trusty Vivitar Ser-VII close up lens in front of 808 along with Maped magnifying class at some shots. The little guy – or big guy, depends on your perspective – is a beetle of species Rose Chafer (Cetonia Aurata).

Watch the video,