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[Claimed] Nokia smartphone with bigger display than Nokia 8 in works, hint HMD Reps in Russia

We have earlier reported about Nokia 9 with a bigger display than Nokia 8 already in works at HMD via our sources. Now, as per a report by Russian site 4Pda, HMD reps have hinted at an upcoming Nokia Android smartphone in works that will have bigger screen size than Nokia 8.

Such kind of claims are usually avoided by official sources, because these give rise to confusion and are later followed by official denials. So we will suggest to take this report with a pinch of salt, though we too have heard about Nokia 9 coming with a 5.5/5.7-inch display, but from our sources.

With the help of translator here is the English version of what the report claims,

Well, as a cherry on the cake representatives of HMD Global made a hint that in the future we are waiting for another smartphone – with a larger screen than in Nokia 8, to meet the needs of absolutely all users.

As per our sources, Nokia 9, the ultimate flagship will come with premium configuration which may see it coming with 6GB/8GB RAM. Nokia 9 will have same camera module as of Nokia 8 but may come with 128GB ROM, IP68 certification and may probably feature an Iris scanner.

You can read more about probable Nokia 9 specs, price, release date and other details by clicking here.

Via: 4Pda

Thanks Александр for the tip. Cheers!!

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  • serversurfer

    If this rumours come true and the design is nearly like the draft above I will purchase it 4,2 seconds after appearing….

  • DBS

    Considering that with that Nokia 8 abortion they proved they can’t design phones without bezels, a “Nokia 9” with an even larger display will be a tablet.

    HMD will need a miracle to impress me and change the opinion I have of them since yesterday. They have a hell of a lot of trust to repair.

    • Dongleboo

      I wrote something similar at the previous post of NPU and people told me that I’m disappointed because I was expecting too much. I expected a modern, up-to-date phone with all new features and a nice, bright screen.
      What I got was some average mid-ranger. They made 2 low-end and with the Nokia 8 they now have 2 mid-rangers, incl. Nokia 6.
      Glad to see someone else thinks the same as me, tho.
      I guess Nokia will never be great again and I’ll have to switch to Samsung *cries in corner*.
      They’ll have a very wide range of “Meh” phones.
      Let’s just hope that they will come to their senses and design/create a phone that is actually worth buying.
      Utter disappointment.

      • Design is something I wished was different & more inspiring but

        SD 835 – Midranger.. okay (that’s something new)

        700 nits, how bright do you want it?
        Also, Quoting GSMArena
        “It matched the Apple iPhone 7’s LCD for outdoor visibility, and in our reviews we’ve rated the iPhone as the best LCD in bright light.”

        Android 7.1.1 + August Security patch
        Android 8.0 internal testing already running.

        Zeiss – Dual Lens optics
        + Front cam capable of shooting 4k

        • Dongleboo

          Mate, I never said anything for the CPU. I actually said that internally the specs are good and up to date.

          As for the screen, there’s quite a lot which I personally would’ve been really excited to see.
          – 5.3″ is way too small for my taste. 5.7″ or more.
          – No OLED / AMOLED display – huge bummer
          – No bezel-less design
          – S8 is giving out over 1000 nits
          – Are we actually comparing to Apple now? Also – “Best LCD” – there’s a key difference.

          As for the camera – I said that I haven’t seen it yet in action, so I can’t judge. I read many reviews around the event and they all say that it’s “ok” but they can’t tell because they cannot download the images to examine the actual quality. So technically, what OK means is yet to be seen.
          I expect it to be at least on the level of the market leaders.
          Afterall they did make a bold statement that they will once again redefine the image quality from phone cameras. I hope they did achieve that.
          Android wise – the newer the better. I don’t mind nor did I say something against that.
          You see, if I’m not fond of the design or the display, then this phone is not for me.
          I rest my case….

          • DBS

            I would love the 5,3″ screen size…if the phone was bezelless. Because it would be a small phone that one can actually use with one hand.
            But the phone is bigger than the S8 with 5,8″. In 2017 that’s not acceptable.

            And regarding LCD…worse: they’re comparing to Apple…when Apple itself is moving away from LCDs. So they’re comparing to LAST YEARS APPLE.

            The camera…well, judging by the pictures Sarvikas posted from it on Twitter, it’s pretty “meh”. The camera app is absolute shit though: terrible UI, no real manual controls etc.
            And absolutely NOTHING that the camera is doing is new or innovative. The “bothie” crap already existed before. HTC did it years ago and no one cared. Monochrome most people are doing it too (and when the second lens isn’t monochrome, it’s zoom). Only LG is doing double cameras right by providing a wide-angle lens and a normal lens. And the wide-angle lens is seriously awesome (better only with OIS).

            As for Android…people keep touting “oh it has the latest from Google”. Yeah, here’s the deal: stock Android is YEARS BEHIND the custom Android ROMs on other OEM phones.
            For example, Android 7.0 brought split screen. Ooohhh SUCH INNOVATION. Except, you know, people using LG and Samsung devices already had it for years. Same thing for quick toggles on the notification tray.

            Stock Android is constantly behind. So using it as if it was something great is NOT an argument. People need to stop confusing stock Android and bloatware. What people don’t like is bloatware (the extra apps installed).

            • Dongleboo

              Apparently only you agree with me. Others are blinded by the former glory of Nokia.

          • Glad, someone knows how to put up his points.

            Appreciate the way you’ve put up

            Yes, there is this thing that pulls me back of calling this Flagship with Nokia name.. design wise.
            Also, I feel like if only it was 50 or 100 euros lesser it would’ve made a tough competitor.

  • Muerte

    I can’t help but think about the comment the former CEO of HMD said – there will be affordable flagships, and there will be innovative flagships.

    I think we are yet to see the innovative part – or if he was just a storyteller and therefore got kicked out of the company, this might not have any relevance to anything 🙂

    • DBS

      And the affordable.
      Because 600€ for the crappy Nokia 8 is not affordable.

      I’m hoping HMD’s next CEO starts by firing Sarvikas who has proved himself absolutely incapable of delivering true Nokias.

      • Nokia 8 pricing is like something hanging between affordable Flagship & Premium Flagship

        • DBS

          600€ is the current price of the S8 in Europe. And the S8 is a Premium phone. The Nokia 8 is nowhere near that.

          By the way, I maintain: there’s no such thing as an “affordable flagship”. A phone either is a flagship or it isn’t. If it isn’t, it’s an overpriced mid-ranger.

          • There is this thing , that a phone announced in March came to that price after 5 months.
            If that maths work.. I guess Nokia 8 will be cheaper after 5 months too.

            Also, there are pre-orders on russia side & it’s going for around €575 and somewhere with Nokia Steel Watch.

            • DBS

              That fact alone should immediately tell you that the pricing they’ll be asking for this (over 600€ carrier-free) is absurd.
              And yes, the Nokia 8 will be costing a hell of a lot less not even 5 months from now. If it indeed comes out in September, by November the price will have dropped once no one buys it because it’s crap. That’s what happened to the European version of the LG G6 which is a far better phone than the Nokia 8 but lacked the wireless charging offered in America and the quadDAC offered in Asia. As a result, the G6 that launched for 750€ in late April/early May now can be bought for 450€.

              Russia doesn’t use the Euro. And you might want to check if it’s carrier locked or no.
              As for the “Nokia Steel Watch” I’m assuming you’re talking about the Nokia Steel (formerly Withing Steel). Which is a watch that costs 130€. If they’re throwing in a 130€ and still asking 600€ for the Nokia 8, that means they are actually valuing the phone at 470€. Which is a much more realistic price for what this phone offers (which is very little).

              • By that theory even the S8 was a crap phone? Cause it got price reduction too?

                • DBS

                  No. The S8 was overpriced to no end. 820€? The S7 last year was already 730€ which was absurd (even though I still think the S7 is a better phone than the S8 thanks to it having a fingerprint scanner where you can actually use it). 820€ for the S8 was clearly to cash in on fanboys burnt by the Note 7 fiasco.
                  So, obviously, the market corrected the price of the S8. IF the market considered the S8 was indeed worth 820€, it wouldn’t have come down in price this quickly.

                  And that’s the point. If the market is evaluating the S8 – a far far superior phone – at 600€, HMD launching this overpriced mid-ranger for the same 600€ is ridiculous. It shows a complete delusion.
                  The Nokia 8 WILL be going not only against the Note 8, V30, Xperia XZ1/XZ1 Compact and iPhone 7S/7S+ (and/or iPhone X, or whatever the 10th year anniversary ends up being called) in September, but it will be also going against the flagships already on the market, namely the S8 and S8+.
                  And whilst the first ones will come with much higher price tags (they’ll also be much better phones), the existing flagships will already be available at normal prices.

                  At 600€, quite honestly, the Nokia 8 is going to suffer the same fate of the Xbox One X: it’s DOA. All thanks to overpricing.

                  • All the September & after Flagships are going to be much expensive than €575 – €599 & on what standards are there for your preference to consider a phone Flagship?

                    • DBS

                      5th paragraph. Read it again.

  • rodrigo mansani

    still waiting any information about nokia 7

  • Beijendorf

    Given the early impressions of the Nokia 8 camera module, I certainly hope HMD have something better planned for the Nokia 9. Otherwise we’re in for a low-light disappointment compared to the current flagships.

    • Muerte

      The low-light comparisons (that I’ve seen) have been not-so-well-executed and it is difficult to make any conclusions on the low light performance of Nokia 8. Do you have a credible source for Nokia 8 low-light samples (with reference images to “current flagships”)?

      In some claimed comparison images, Nokia 8 has been better than iPhone 7 Plus and SGS8. Of course that depends heavily on what you expect from you phone – natural or artificially glorious images.

  • SIMO

    Please Lord let this be true. And let it come soon!