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Rich Capture + Living Images: How to play & edit. Video Demo.


While we have earlier reported about native Photos app supporting Rich Capture editing on Windows 10 Mobile, now it is more enhanced. On recent builds not only you can use Lumia Camera or Windows Camera to capture Rich Capture but once captured you can directly go to Photos app and use the option “choose the best lighting” to go to editing of the Rich Capture as shown in screenshot above. If you have used flash you will taken to a screen where you can manage “Dynamic Flash”. If you haven’t used Flash you will see “HDR or Dynamic Exposure” option.

Now another piece of good news is that now even Living Images can be played in the Photos app itself and we found it just now, so can’t confirm whether it was present there before. You can use Lumia Camera to capture Living Images if you have a supported devices like Lumia 640 XL and now the images plays in Photos app itself.

The third most interesting thing is that you can switch on both Living images and Rich Capture features in Lumia Camera and capture Living Images with HDR or Dynamic Flash editing options. You can edit the Living Images for HDR or Flash in the Photos app itself. Sounds promising!!

Living images + Rich Capture hands-on:

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