You might have gone through our earlier articles regarding Belle Refresh, the Belle FP1’s lite version which is supposed to come for 1st Gen Belle devices like N8, C7, E7, C6-01, X7, E6. We covered details about  leaked  Belle Refresh Firmware  dated 28th July over the RDA in the latest article regarding Belle Refresh.

On consolidating, what we know about Belle Refresh from leaks and from some official sources as well, we can expect a changelog like this,

  • Browser version 8.3 with HTML5 support.
  • New version of Music Player.
  • Bit of processor speed bump on the lines of full FP1 for  603, 700 and 701. A bump to 1 Ghz is expected as some reports say, 1st Gen Belle device processor have capability to go as high as 1Ghz.
  • Many new Widgets, available only with Belle FP1 Firmware on 603,700 and 701 are also making their way to 1st Gen Belle devices.

Now coming to what is amiss from the above list and what else users are expecting from Nokia to include in the Belle Refresh,

  • New Multitasking view and performance boost from Belle FP1
  • New updated Notification bar from Belle FP1
  • Camera UI like 808 PureView for N8 at least. This has yet not come to even 603, 700 and 701 and will come with Belle FP2 update. So not expected with Belle Refresh. But N8 can be an exception after all, being the previous Imaging King.

So a question comes to our minds, what after this Belle Refresh. Would the N8 and siblings get some more love from Nokia in form of some updates. The answer is, Yes and we have a confirmation from a Nokia Italy spokesperson, who informed that Belle FP2 ‘s lite version will also come to 1st Gen Belle devices.

Nokia deliberately seems keeping difference in the Firmware version for 1st Gen Belle and 2nd Gen Belle devices. So when 603, 700 and 701 will get Belle FP2 most probably in next few weeks, 1st Gen devices will be treated to lighter Belle FP1. So, expect lighter Belle Fp2 for N8 and other devices to come sometime with next major update for 603, 700, 701 and 808 PureView, which is not yet confirmed by Nokia. But knowing Nokia, it is highly probable that new Firmware Updates will be heading regularly to our devices in future.

Keeping hopes high:)