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App Lock – Quick AppLock Pro for Android goes free as myAppFree app of the day


The Android app which has gone free next as myAppfree app of the day is App Lock – Quick AppLock Pro. This apps by displaying the lock screen whenever a locked app is launched.
Those who do not know the unlocking pattern will be unable to launch locked apps.
Apps installed on smartphones and tablets often store sensitive personal information such as photos, emails, SNS details, address books, and bank and credit card information.
By putting a lock on apps that handle this information, Quick AppLock Pro protects your privacy. Download it today for FREE!!!

App Lock – Quick AppLock Pro Features:

[Lockable items]
• Apps
• Install/Uninstall
• Incoming call
• Outgoing call
• Settings (Device Settings)
• Recent Apps
• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth
• Change unlock pattern
• Fingerprint unlock
• Touch vibrate
• Make pattern visible
• Security email
• Advanced protection (Protects Quick AppLock Pro from being uninstalled.)
• Re-lock after screen on (When screen is turned off with the locked app open.)
• Auto Unlock when connected to Wi-Fi
• Change themes
• Auto startup on device reboot
• Enable/Disable app widget

[appbox googleplay jp.snowlife01.android.applockpro&hl=en]

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