Last we reported about leak of Snapdragon 830 processor and RAM / Internal Storage requirements changed to minimum 1 GB / 8 GB as seen on the Windows 10 “Minimum Hardware Specifications” page. Now it seems there are more changes that Anniversary update will bring in terms of Hardware support.

As listed on the official “What’s new in design” page, it seems now Windows 10 Mobile will be able to run on even 9-inch display devices with the Anniversary update. Earlier it was limited to 8-inch Display devices only.

You can also note that now Pixel-aspect ratio will be 1:1 square and Auto flash mode has been now made as required, when it comes to changes in Camera requirements.

Similarly there are changes for Windows 10 PC version in terms of RAM and minimum screen-size requirements that you can read by clicking here.

Windows 10 Mobile 9-inch
One can also note that Anniversary update is commonly referred as Windows 10, versions 1607 which means RTM date of 07-16 or July 2016 and we have also confirmed a date for Anniversary update release.

This topic provides information about what’s new in Windows 10, version 1607 minimum hardware requirements, form factors, device experiences, and hardware components across all Windows 10 devices.

Minimum hardware requirements

The following tables describes the changes for minimum hardware requirements in Windows 10, version 1607. The changes are organized by component area, the Windows edition that’s impacted by the change, and the type of change.

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