On this page we are tracking Android 11 update roll-out to eligible Nokia smartphones. We will keep it updated as the Android 11 update gets released one by one to Nokia smartphones. Click here to read the list of Android 11 eligible Nokia smartphones.

April 20 update:

Nokia Mobile releases Android 11 to Nokia 2.3 in Wave 2 markets now. Read more here.

Nokia Mobile rolling out Android 11 to Nokia 8.1 in Wave 2 markets. Read more here.

April 14 update:

Nokia Mobile released Android 11 for Nokia 2.2. Wave 1 markets, update size & changelog. Read more here.

April 10 update:

Nokia Mobile releases Android 11 for Nokia 4.2 too. Wave 1 markets, update size & changelog. Read more here.

Nokia Mobile updating Nokia 8.1 & Nokia 2.3 to Android 11 now. Wave 1 markets, update size & changelog. Read more here.

April 6 update:

Nokia 3.2 in Wave 2 markets may be getting Android 11 update now, report users. Read more here.

April 2 update:

Nokia 3.4 running Android 11 appears at Geekbench now. Is it the next? Read more here.

March 29 update:

New Android 11 Build for Nokia 8.3 5G. Read more here.

Android 11 new features & changes for Nokia smartphones. Video demo of UI changes. Read more here.

March 23 update:

Android 11 update available for Nokia 3.2, report users. Read more here.

March 18 update:

Nokia 1 Plus running Android 11 appears on Geekbench. Read more here.

February 22 update:

Nokia 8.3 5G getting Android 11 update in wave 2 markets UK, Poland and Germany. Read more here.

February 17 update:

Wave 2 roll-out for Nokia 8.3 5G may have begun already. Read more here.

February 11 update:

First wave markets getting Android 11 update for Nokia 8.3 5G. Read more here.

February 04 update:

In a good news for Nokia fans, quicker Android 11 roll-out for Nokia 8.1, Nokia 5.3, Nokia 7.2, Nokia 3.4, Nokia 2.4 & other Nokia smartphones is expected.

HMD aka Nokia Mobile started Android 11 roll-out to its eligible smartphones with making it available for Nokia 8.3 5G today. While Nokia 8.3 5G was always supposed to be the first Nokia smartphone to get Android 11, the update got delayed to February for the smartphone.

But HMD is trying to make amendments and planning to release the Android 11 for other eligible Nokia smartphones in quick succession after Nokia 8.3 5G. CPO Juho Sarvikas took to Twitter to post an encouraging tweet for Nokia smartphone owners.

Juho promised repeating the feat of being the fastest in deploying Android 9 and 10 portfolio-wide in case of Android 11 too. This means HMD will have to move really quick in releasing update for other smartphones.

Click here to read official details of changes and new features that Android 11 update brings with itself.

Nokia 2.2 and Nokia 8.1 along with Nokia 5.3 are the three other smartphones supposed to get Android 11 after Nokia 8.3 5G. The last Nokia smartphone to upgrade to Android 11 was supposed to get the update in Q2 2021. Click here to read the complete roadmap of the Android 11 update for eligible Nokia smartphones.

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