Nokia 3.4 is one of the eligible Nokia Mobile smartphones to receive Android 11 update. Now, the smartphone has appeared on Geekbench running Android 11 after Nokia 1 Plus.

As one can see in the screenshot below, Nokia 3.4 scores 1138 in multi-core and 251 in single-core score, while running Android 11.

Nokia 3.4 was supposed to be one of the Nokia smartphones to get Android 11 in Q1 2021. So, Android 11 release for the smartphones is already delayed. Click here to read the complete roadmap of the Android 11 update for all eligible Nokia smartphones.

Recently HMD released Android 11 for Nokia 3.2 in a surprise roll-out. But there is again a silence since then. But this appearance again confirms that HMD is actively testing Android 11 on all the eligible smartphones, even on low-end ones like Nokia 1 Plus, that appeared earlier on Geekbench with Android 11. Probably HMD will open the floodgates that it promised to repeat the feat of being the fastest in deploying Android 11 portfolio-wide.

Click here to read official details of changes and new features that Android 11 update brings with itself. The only Nokia smartphone to upgrade to Android 11 so far is Nokia 8.3 5G.

Nokia X10Nokia X20Nokia G20Nokia G10 and Nokia C20 may be launched by HMD Global on April 8. A page is already up with teaser about the launch event on official Nokia site and HMD has also sent the press invites recently. It is possible that at the same event it may announce the Android 11 release for all Nokia smartphones in quick succession.

This is far away from the promises of faster and time-bound release of Android 11 that HMD has promised. But probably the longer time required for testing will provider a smoother update experience for everyone. You can track the Android 11 update release for all Nokia smartphones at our dedicated tracker page.

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