You may have gone through our 808 PureView vs N8 Imaging Shootout Part 1. In that article we compared the camera performance of 808 PureView and N8 in daylight . So, now bringing to you second part of 808 PureView vs N8 Imaging Shootout. Low light performance of both the devices will be compared in this article. We all know 808 PureView and N8 both have Xenon flashes. So, what that means is, it is going to be one interesting dogfight.

So here are rules of the fight:

  • All the images in this shootout from N8 are at 9 MP and from 808 PureView are at 8 MP PureView mode.
  • Images have been captured both with and without flash and in extreme and moderate low light.
  • We have used 100% crop from the images captured by 808 PureView and N8.
  • 808 PureView at the top and N8 at the bottom.

Without flash in extreme low light:

PureView technology and 41 MP sensor bring the difference here. This is 100% crop and at further zoom levels the difference becomes clearer. 808 PureView image crop has much lesser noise and significantly better level of details. Color retention is not important here, but 808 PureView image has better color retention.

Without Flash in moderate low light:

This second crop of similar images in moderate low light bring the difference in a much pronounced manner. Actually this second comparison was meant to bring the difference in nearly all aspects like color tone, clarity , depth of details. N8’s image crop looks very noisy as compared to 808 PureView’s crop. Color seems a little washed out in N8’s image. 808 PureView’s sensor impresses a lot here. PureView technology gives much sharper images without flash.

With Flash in extreme low light:

N8 holds it own and gives its best shot at providing one of sharpest images captured by any camera in extreme low light conditions. We know it and have seen N8 sensor and Xenon blowing away competition for last two years. But, that story is going to change here. Obviously the 808 PureView provides much sharper image of the same object in same lighting conditions. Noise is much lesser and letters can be read easily even at 100% crop.

With Flash in moderate low light:

Both the king and the successor shine here, but there is an obvious winner. With much sharper image, much better color retention 808 PureView’s image looks to good to be captured by a smartphone camera. Though N8’s image is still so good if you compare to the competition. But have a look at the above crop and differences become clear. 808 PureView retains much of the details intact here at even 100% crop.

So, here we go 🙂 Daylight or low light. Flash or without flash. There is one and only winner 🙂

Hail the successor!! 808 PureView wins the crown and we are delighted to bring you the shootout.

Do let us know your view about this shootout. Check the full-sized images in our Flickr set.