N8 was the king and 808 PureView is its successor, that much story we all know. But how much jump 808 PureView brings in imaging quality as compared to N8. The only way to find out is, to put them head to head. Comparable image resolution seems like N8 at 9 MP/12 MP , 808 PureView at 8 MP PureView . After all this is what most of us have used on N8 and most of us will using on 808 PureView.

  • So all the images in this shootout from N8 are at 9 MP and from 808 PureView are at 8 MP PureView mode.
  • We have used 100% crop from the images captured by 808 PureView and N8.
  • 808 PureView at the top and N8 at the bottom.

Close up mode enabled on both the devices. 808 PureView image has better details, clarity than N8 and colors look more vibrant too. But color reproduction wise both devices capture very natural tone.

Close up mode once again. In the above image at the same crop level, 808 PureView beats N8 significantly in depth of  details and clarity is awesome here. Though color reproduction in N8’s image is slightly more natural but 808 PureView’s tone is more pleasing.

Automatic mode enabled.These are crops from the darker area of the images and tell you what? The same story. 808 PureView has better clarity, much less noise and deeper details. Though color tone is very similar and much natural in both.

Automatic mode enabled. These are crops from the brighter area of the images. PureView tech shows its prowess yet again. Much lesser noise, better depth of details yet again lets you know easily which one is 808 PureView capture image. Color tone is again very similar in both images and very natural indeed.

Can you identify which one is 808 PureView’s crop. Yes, it is on the left with again, much more clarity and lesser noise than N8’s crop on right.


This was first leg of shootot between 808 PureView and N8. It seems that the PureView technology truly brings a significant improvement in the image quailty at comparable resolutions. Images from 808 PureView have much better details. lesser noise and retain the natural color tone. At the same time in some images 808 PureView produces more pleasing color even in Creative 8 MP mode.

So, hail the successor to the King !! 808 PureView wins this round comfortably 🙂

But hold your horses!! Low light shootout of both the Xenon Flash wielding cameras is coming soon !!

Full sized images from N8 and 808 PureView used for the comparison can be accessed from our Flickr set.

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