Wunderlist app has received a new update for Windows phone Devices. The new version is The update brings faster Live Tile syncing, crash bug fixes and a slight tweak to its logo.

Wunderlist Changelog:

– We have a new logo! But before you start looking in panic for the new Wunderlist logo, clutching on to your colleague’s arm and shouting ‘Where has my Wunderlist gone??’, don’t worry, you’ll still recognize it – we’ve just made a few tweaks.
– Talking of tweaks, our pictograms are now looking more lightweight and ever so stylish.
– We’ve made a few changes to our live tiles so that they’ll now update at lightning fast speed as soon as you add something to your list.
– We’re always sad to see you leave our app but that’s no excuse for throwing a tantrum. We’ve given ourselves a stern talking to and we’d like to apologise for crashing when you leave the app or when you return. We’ve fixed this little issue and would like to think it won’t happen again.
– As usual, we’ve squashed a few other minor bugs.

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