Lumia-House-featMore re-branding news here!! Nokia Conversations which had already dropped Nokia name, has now become Lumia conversations. The Nokia Conversations Twitter account @nokconv will be axed.

You can follow all the latest Lumia news via the brand new Microsoft Lumia channels on Facebook and TwitterIn these channels, you’ll find all the breaking news on Lumia devices, software updates, top apps, and more. And this is where we’ll post the latest Lumia Conversations stories too as we (@nokconv) have teamed up with @Lumia, as we plan to close the doors on @nokconv next week.

Windows Phone YouTube channel has also been abolished and a brand-new Microsoft Lumia channel has been created for future Lumia videos.

For the latest videos of our Lumia products and services, head to our official Microsoft Lumia YouTube channel .

Last but not the least @Nokiahelps Twitter account becomes @Lumiahelps.