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Nokia conversations blog may come to life again, as it now redirects to Nokia site

Microsoft got the Nokia Conversations blog as part of Social Media hand-over when the Nokia-Microsoft deal was inked. Microsoft changed the blog's name to Lumia Conversations per its re-branding strategy. Later Microsoft merged Lumia Conversation with the Surface Devices blog to create Microsoft Devices Blog. The Conversations (aka Nokia/Lumia Conversations) and the

WP YouTube Channel moves to MS Lumia. @nokconv axed, Nokia Conversations becomes Lumia conversations

More re-branding news here!! Nokia Conversations which had already dropped Nokia name, has now become Lumia conversations. The Nokia Conversations Twitter account @nokconv will be axed. You can follow all the latest Lumia news via the brand new Microsoft Lumia channels on Facebook and Twitter. In these channels, you’ll find all the breaking news on Lumia