Microsoft got the Nokia Conversations blog as part of Social Media hand-over when the Nokia-Microsoft deal was inked. Microsoft changed the blog’s name to Lumia Conversations per its re-branding strategy. Later Microsoft merged Lumia Conversation with the Surface Devices blog to create Microsoft Devices Blog.

The Conversations (aka Nokia/Lumia Conversations) and the Microsoft Surface blogs have moved into a new home and we’re now officially called the Microsoft Devices Blog!

The Nokia Conversations / Lumia Conversations used to redirect to Microsoft Devices Blog after all this re-branding exercise. But if you check link now it redirects to Nokia International site, a brand new page that is different from “”, Nokia’s corporate site after Nokia-Microsoft deal closure.

So, it seems we will see Nokia Conversations getting new lease of life sometime in future. With Nokia acquiring Withings for its Digital Health business foray, the timing may not be better, but it will depend upon when Nokia can start using its old social accounts and blogs as per its agreement with Microsoft.

Thanks Sonu for the tip. Cheers!!