Windows Phone HolidayIf reports from analysis firm Flurry has to be taken into account, there is something to cheer for Windows Phone fans, this holiday!! As per the report, Microsoft smartphones (Mostly Lumias as per the report) have made up for 5.8% of the total smartphone activations during the week leading up to and including Christmas Day (December 19th – 25th).

While, there are reasons to be skeptical of this report, as it somehow looks like work of Apple cheer-leaders (which many of US-centric analysts are anyways) than anyone else. It may  be heavily skewed in favor of Apple, as it takes into account the apps installation and activations data.

Also, this report doesn’t make it clear, which markets it has taken into account for its analysis. Still, it is good to see stronger performance from Windows Phone in markets dominated by Apple and Android, if the sales share indicated in report is correct.


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