Kantar Dec 2014Latest Kantar smartphone sales share figures for the month of December 2014 bring back some cheer for Windows Phone fans.

While the iPhone 6 onslaught has harmed Windows Phone sales share a bit in markets like UK, in markets like Australia, France, Germany and even in US the sales share has grown over November figures.

In Australia, Windows phone has grown from 8 to 9.2% and the growth seems coming at the cost of Android.

In US, the sales share is up at 3.8% in December as compared to 3% in November.

In case of France, the sales share is up from 9.8% to 11.6%.

In case of Germany the Windows Phone sales share has grow form 7.1% to 7.4% MoM.

It may be termed as good spirited fightback by Windows Phone in some markets and like always, when the new iPhone upgrade craze dies down in January, we can see more sales share rise for Windows Phone in more markets.