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Windows Phone 8.1: Things which I didn’t like / need improvements.

wp8.1 impWindows Phone 8.1 is such an upgrade over Windows Phone 8 that it really feels like Windows Phone 9 than Windows Phone 8.1. So, while there is so much to like about it and you can read our Windows Phone 8.1 pages for much more coverage, there are always areas of improvements. This is developers preview build and may be Microsoft can take care of some of the suggestions when it gets released for public. So, here are some of the things which I didn’t like or stuff which needs improvement. Weigh in with our opinions in comments.

  • No Mobile data on / off and 2G / 3G toggle in Quick-access settings. This is a bummer. I would love to have both in a place like India where we have so much issue with 3G networks at times.
  • Music app though brings better playlist capability, but performance wise is a downgrade. Even the history has gone missing. It is slow and sluggish. Certainly needs improvement and as Joe Belfiore has confirmed updated app is coming soon
  • The Facebook chat integration has been one of the cool features of Windows Phone and now Facebook chat goes missing from messaging app. I don’t know, whether this will come back though.
  • No option to set all Tiles transparent when putting a start screen background. This could have been great, if there. Though developer are making their tiles transparent now, what better than a native option to override all individual app tiles color settings
  • There are some bugs which I have encountered and one of them is device going unresponsive when moving an app from Phone to SD card or vice versa. Just to let Microsoft know.
  • Like Ume mentioned in comments below, HERE Maps and many other apps don’t still make use of API which comes with Windows Phone 8.1 and makes “Background transfer” app independent. It is certainly a dislike when you can’t leave the app before some upload or download finishes.

Do let us know your set of dislikes or areas of improvements below.


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  • ume

    Photo sharing via Facebook in WP 8.1 is very slow as compared to WP8.
    In WP 8.1, when I chose a photo to share on Facebook from photos hub then Facebook app gets invoked. Till this stage experience is ok but, then upload time is really high when compared to WP8 experience. Moreover, during upload if I switch from Facebook app to some other app or if lock screen times out then upload gets cancelled. This experience is slow and frustrating.

  • 2G/3G toggle in Quick settings? Come on that will be such a waste of an icon space. However, yep the Mobile Data option should be there. I don’t need it though.

    Facebook is only letting the chat live in Facebook Messenger and is bring removed from the standard Facebook apps aswell. For sure it is more of a Facebook decision than MS’s. Why need that in Messaging anyways? Messaging or Messenger, both are just a tap away.

    There cannot be a native option to make all the tiles transparent. The apps which had the ability to change their background depending on the accent colors had a transparent bg for their tile images. An option cannot edit the tile images and make their backgrounds transparent. Only devs can do that.


    What I didn’t like is:

    1. I cannot scan a QR code the easy (using search key) way with Cortana Enabled.
    2. Cannot set a default tone for alarm. An alarm set using Cortana will use Nokia Clock as the tone which is not loud enough to wake me up.
    3. If there is a notification and I open that app directly, the notification won’t go off from the action center.
    4. Games are also listed on the All Apps page. Why do we have the games hub then?

    • Kamal

      Let Microsoft provide an option of 2G / 3G toggle first, then we will see whether it is waste or not 😛 .On my 808 it is one of the most used toggles.

      Facebook chat I know may not make it back to messaging and I mentioned it. If there is no native option for making tiles transparent for now, I still don’t think it is impossible to implement.

      • Let WP support a Force 3G system first and then there can be a thought of a toggle in quick settings.For now, it will automatically shift from 3G to 2G depending on the network, so what will a toggle do there?

        Native option to make tiles transparent is impossible to implement. Why? Because you cannot turn a PNG with XYZ as background color into a PNG with transparent background. It will require an exact crop of the logo layer and then the colored background be swapped with the transparent. Something which no software has been able to do perfectly.

      • Paulo

        Fully agree.

        2G/3G switch would be very useful on Lumia 925 which has issues with gps/3G interference.

    • Kamal

      On opening an app directly I saw notifications clearing by themselves from action center. So, with which app you saw notification still remaining in action center

      Though I can understand scanning of QR codes with Bing vision excluded form Cortana is not a likeable move.