wp_ss_20150212_0001(1)It seems that many Windows Insiders are getting Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 before getting Windows 10 for Phones Build 10051. According to Gabe Aul this is normal process. Surprisingly devices like Lumia 930 that are not supported for this Windows 10 for Phones build are also getting GDR2 though not the Windows 10 for Phones subsequently. But if your device is supported you need to go to Windows Insider app and reselect “Insider Fast” to get the Windows 10 for Phones build 10051.

In case you are hitting issues with the update process, here are some of the official error threads.

My phone is on the list of supported devices but I don’t see any option for Fast ring in the Windows Insider app

My phone was updated to 8.1 GDR2 but cannot update to Windows 10

My phone was configured for the Fast ring but I don’t see any updates offered for Windows 10