Windows 10 phonesSome interesting and useful tidbits revealed via latest developer documents regarding Windows 10 (Mobile and others).

Having used Symbian and Meego, one can sometimes get frustrated with the way things work or rather not work in Windows Phone. Forget about true live multitasking, even background transfers are not that easy in Windows Phone and here I am talking about Windows Phone 8.1, though it made more actions in background possible as compared to Windows Phone 8. Windows 10 will make background transfers easier and more reliable it seems.

Background Transfer post-processing tasksNew APIs in the Windows.Networking.BackgroundTransfer namespace let you to register groups of post-processing tasks. So your app can act on the success or failure of background transfers immediately, even if it’s not in the foreground, instead of waiting for the next time the user resumes the app.

 One more interesting enhancement related to the drag & drop between two app platforms.

Drag-and-drop capabilities between different application platformsThe new Windows.ApplicationModel.DataTransfer.DragDrop namespaces bring drag-and-drop functionality to Windows Runtime apps. Currently, common drag-and-drop scenarios for desktop programs—such as dragging a document from a folder into an Outlook email message to attach it—are not possible with Windows Runtime apps. Using these new APIs, your app can let users easily move data between different Windows Runtime apps and the desktop. That’s a significantly better and more intuitive app experience than was possible before.

Now apps can do media transcoding in the background too.

TranscodingThe new MediaProcessingTrigger API lets your app perform media transcoding in a background task, so your transcoding operations can continue even when your foreground app has been terminated.