Build 10051 bugsSo, while second Windows 10 for Phones preview Build 10051 brought some “big” new features to majority of Lumia devices, it also has its share of update issues and OS bugs. In this article, we will talk about common Build 10051 OS bugs, update process errors and possible workarounds.

Build 10051 Bugs:

This is an incomplete list of OS bugs that many have encountered post installation of Build 10051.

1) Not able to take a screenshot: A simple restart solved this for me or else try a soft reset by holding volume down + power keys

2) You can’t turn Mobile data off as it will already show you as off but will keep on working. Soft reset and hard reset didn’t solve it.

3) Can’t sign into the Microsoft account and can’t get the back up of text messages back. Hard reset didn’t solve this issue.

4) Not able to open settings or find Spartan or apps are crashing. Need to do a hard reset.

5) Sim is not getting recognized. Hard reset is required

6) Keyboard installation running into error. Hard reset may help

Workaround (OS Bugs):

In all the cases,

First try a soft reset:

Volume up + power key hold till it restarts

Else take a back up and do a hard reset:

Go to Settings——>About——–>and you can see Reset your Phone option. You should take a backup of your content before proceeding, click here for our backup tutorial and you can try our reset tutorial in case your phone stopped responding.

Windows Phone Recovery Tool:

This is a very useful tool that helps you to return to Windows Phone 8.1, if Windows 10 previews are too buggy to handle for you and the soft reset and hard reset have not yielded desired results. Read our tutorial.

Update process errors:

Some update process errors are already reported and are well-covered in the official forums. I reported an error with Lumia 730 that won’t allow it to update to Build 10051 from Build 9941.

Hitting error 80188301 on Lumia 730 running Build 9941 while trying to update. Already did hard-reset but issue is still there

My phone is on the list of supported devices but I don’t see any option for Fast ring in the Windows Insider app

My phone was updated to 8.1 GDR2 but cannot update to Windows 10

My phone was configured for the Fast ring but I don’t see any updates offered for Windows 10

Spinning gears for long time during the update installation

Workarounds (Update process):

  • You may need to again enroll to “Windows Insider” choosing “Insider Fast”, if you have received GDR2 already. Solution has been found for this issue and now those stuck on GDR2 can update to Windows 10 for Phones, confirms Gabriel Aul.

  • In case you see spinning gears for longer duration during update process, you should wait if gears are spinning. If gears are stuck then only issue arises. Try soft reset first and if it doesn’t work try hard reset. You can follow our reset tutorial.

Do let us know about your experience and share issue and workarounds that you have found.