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Windows 10 Mobile: Fixing various Apps update & Store issues / errors

On Windows 10 Mobile if you have recently updated or especially if you have done a hard reset, you may face issues with apps not getting updated, simply stuck without any message or stuck...

Windows 10 Phones Build 10051: Common update errors, OS bugs and workarounds

So, while second Windows 10 for Phones preview Build 10051 brought some "big" new features to majority of Lumia devices, it also has its share of update issues and OS bugs. In this article,...

Microsoft working to fix GDR1 update errors. Cortana’s service roll-out fixes issues in UK

Microsoft's execs Joe Belfiore and Marcus Ash have been quite active on Twitter since the time Windows Phone 8.1 update1 aka GDR1 has started rolling out. On some users facing issues in updating to...

Common Windows Phone update errors like 801881cd. Meaning & Resolution

If you have ever faced errors while updating your Windows Phone device then you must have tried to know, what that particular error code means. Microsoft has compiled a list of such error codes...

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