Google has made its latest Android OS iteration, the Android N developer Preview live yesterday. The Preview has revealed new features that Android N will bring with itself and we covered it in detail on our sister site GadgetOx. Surprisingly many of these new features are already available in Windows 10 Mobile stable release version. Usually we hear many fans cribbing about lack of features in Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile when compared to Android and iOS, but grass may not be always greener on the other side.

So, here are those Five features that Android N brings and it is already available in Windows 10 Mobile. You can read about all the new Android N features in detail by clicking here.


  • Direct Reply: Windows 10 Mobile already allows to reply to messages and supported notifications directly

  • Bundled Notifications: We already have Group notifications on Windows 10 Mobile

  • Data Saver: We have Data Saver feature on Windows 10 Mobile


  • In-Built DPI Settings: Windows 10 Mobile allows to change DPI settings already
  • Dark Theme: It is present in Windows 10 Mobile since long

Though there are two new Android N features that Windows fans would like to see in Windows 10 Mobile.


  • Multi-Windows support
  • Night Mode