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Windows 10 Mobile Build 14342.1003 impressions: Hands-on, Bugs, Multitasking, Performance

Microsoft today pushed Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Build 14342.1003 to Fast Ring as the latest Redstone build with additional fixes over the last Build 14342.  Since it is a patched version of Build 14342, it doesn’t bring any new features, but should offer better user experience theoretically. So time for our evaluation of the build. Watch our Hands-on  performance, multitasking and navigation demo of the Build 14342.1003 and read our Installation experience and Impressions.

Installation Experience:

Just like Build 14342, the Installation experience has been mixed to good for the Build 14332.1003, though some of you have reported issues in upgrading to this build. It took around 50-55 minutes for the build to get downloaded, installed, data migrated and the devices getting up and running on one of the device. On other device  it took around 1 hour 10 minutes. While we didn’t face any issue with Data migration post installation of the update, you may face it and best is to wait and let it do its thing and finish data migration. In case it takes too much time try a soft reset and it may work finally. You can refer to our common issues and errors fixing guide for more.

You will be usually notified for a restart when the download has completed in background. It may require up to 1 GB of free storage. So, check the storage before you upgrade and you can check our tutorial on how to prepare for upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile.

Hands-on Impressions (Performance, Multitasking):

Here is what you can notice in our hands-on video demo.

  • During our hands-on with the Build 14342.1003 we found it to be generally responsive during start-screen navigation, apps list scrolling, opening and closing of settings.
  • Microsoft Edge seems loading pages bit faster as compared to last Build and swipe navigation is really impressive.
  • Native apps like Microsoft Edge, Camera, Outlook Mail & Calendar etc work fine
  • Mobile Data and Wi-Fi works fine and without any issue
  • Gaming seems to work without issues. Video streaming and playing also works fine without any issue like flickering faced on earlier builds.
  • Generally Multitasking works fine but Games take time in resuming and apps may crash during multitasking. Read more in Bugs & Issues below
  • Battery Life seems promising so far during our hands-on usage of the Build

Major Bug & Issues:

  • Microsoft needs to improve the RAM management on Redstone. The issues of Apps crashing in background is still there and seems more prominent when you multitask with a game opened in background.
  • Even on Build 14342.1003 Bluetooth experience is sub-par. Microsoft needs to do something about the Bluetooth functionality. It takes lots of time in even pairing two devices running Redstone builds. We tried and failed in sending images from one device to another even after pairing both of them.
  • It is not frequent but swiping down to close Apps in Multitasking screen doesn’t seem to close the apps and the “closed apps” open one by one, till the time you close them again.

So, Build 14342.1003 doesn’t seem to really offer much over Build 14342 even in terms of experience with issue of Apps crashing in background during multitasking. In our opinion Microsoft needs to fix these nagging issues around multitasking that directly affect user experience. Our hands-on with this build is still brief and we may be able to find more bugs and issues after playing with this build for some more time. We also want to make it clear that it is our hands-on experience with the build and your experience may vary and may be better or worse than ours.

We must mention that we haven’t done hard reset on our devices but we recommend if you are facing lots of issues. You can read our guide to fix commonly known Windows 10 Mobile upgrade, installation and usability issues.


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He currently sports a Lumia 950 XL and Nexus 5X. Other interests include listening to Nu-Metal Hits and Kick-Boxing.
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  • It seems like maybe the fixed some of the keyboard bugs I was having. On the last build, often when using Edge, the keyboard would not show up when tapping in a text entry box. Also when tapping in a box that already had text in it, it would sometimes hang there for a bit before showing the curser. I haven’t seen these two issues on this new build.

  • Tom Murphy

    Battery life on Lumia 929 (ICON) is atrocious with this build. I’ve reported discharge rates of 35-40% with the phone sitting idle with screen off. Needless to say with such rates, the battery requires recharging every 2-3 hours. Actually accessing and using apps result in an hour’s worth of use before battery is <10% remaining. Power seems to be going into apps rather than screen, which traditionally is the power hog. It's at the point of of inconvenience that I'm considering a hard reset, which will (hopefully) resolve the issue.

    • Kamal

      Can you try going to Battery and check the Battery usage by apps. That can offer some clue.

      • Tom Murphy

        Reviewing the Battery app reveals power usage only for installed apps and not the hidden processes. Using Developer, I can see that the Cellular Data process (WPNONETWORK) is the likely culprit; it’s using between 30-50% of the CPU cycles just being turned on. Turn off the Cellular Data and the battery seems to discharge normally. So the temporary solution is to turn off your Cellular Data via the Action Center and use only when needed – otherwise run when charging via wall charger (wireless charging doesn’t keep up with discharge rate). The battery life issue seems limited to to the Lumia 929 and 930 models, running Build 14342.1003, although I thought I experienced initial issues with Build 14342.1001.

        • Hartmut

          ….The battery life issue seems limited to to the Lumia 929 and 930 models,….

          No Tom it doesn’t . I have a Lumia 1520 that experiences the same issue from time to time. It can run 3 days on a battery charge, but now suddenly starts discharging in an hour or so. I reverted to 8.5, which is stable, but the build that MS provides has it’s own known bugs that they don’t fix – unbelievable.

          • Tom Murphy

            I’m 36 hours into Build 14342.1004 and the battery function is MUCH improved, although the consumption curves are more block-like. I’m hoping that’s an artifact of the battery fix rather than actual power consumption? There’s still a host of other bugs remaining – text, email, Facebook, etc. notifications either don’t announce or don’t clear, live tiles don’t update, accessing a tile brings you to an entirely different app, but these are annoyances rather than physical limitations like the battery issue.

            The Windows Insider program (especially the Fast Ring) isn’t for the feint of heart – for certain. And it can be frustrating at times. But Microsoft has to stop fiddling with the builds and actually distribute THE Windows 10 Mobile release (stable). Personally, I think its write-off of the Nokia acquisition last year signaled the end of of the Windows smartphone – not that they won’t remain engaged with mobile technology. The continued delay of a stable release reflects the relatively low placement of the Windows smartphone in its list of active initiatives.

            • Hartmut

              “write-off of the Nokia acquisition last year signaled the end of of the Windows Smartphone ”
              I am afraid so, I was so in hope to have found a clear alternative to the Apple Prison and the Android Jungle. I guess, we will have to choose either of these evils sooner or later…

              • Craig F

                You are misunderstanding what happened. The selling of Nokia was to get rid of the “feature phone” business. That has nothing to do with smart phones. W10 mobile is still very much alive and they are constantly putting out updates in order to develop the Surface phones.

                • Hartmut

                  yes you might be true in that I don’t understand what is happening, but so do many others. And Microsoft doesn’t do anything visible to make their decisions understood.
                  I don’t know what a “feature phone” business means, but the Nokia 1520 that I own is outstanding. I don’t see anything similar in Microsofts pipe line and I guess we I and my 3 kids will have to go down the Samsung road…..

      • Tom Murphy

        I misspoke. All in-use or background apps experience increased power consumption – between 2-3x normal. The battery drains even in Airplane Mode. This builds east batteries from breakfast, lunch and dinner (see image when the phone was on but not in-use). My hope is that the next build addresses this issue because it renders the phone essentially useless for its intended purpose of multi-layered communication.