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The latest Windows 10 Mobile release Build 10586.29 didn’t bring any noticeable changes but a host of bug fixes. You can read the official changelog by clicking here. Now, one of our regular readers “Adam” has found two annoying issues fixed with this update. He mentions in a mail sent to us,

I had two big issues on my Nokia 1320:-
1) I could not use the Remote Desktop app. It just would not recognise my credentials although my Nokia 625 had no issues. It must have been a security bug but it is fixed now
2) I could attach files from One Drive on my Nokia 1320 but the files did not send for what ever reason. I contacted the One Drive team and this is now fixed in the latest update.

These two fixes are a major bonus for me as I can now tell work to take back their pointless iPhone 5. The device is way to small, and not user friendly… touch points are way too small in iOS 9 and I hate not having a back button… how can that be user friendly???

Anyway, just thought I would report incase you wanted to ask the question if any others had seen improvements in the OS after the last update.

So, have you seen similar improvements on your devices with Build 10586.29?? Do let us know and we will update this article.