Good news here for non-insiders with a Lumia 550, 650, 950 and 950 XL. The Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.164 (10.0.10586.164) is now rolling out to all these devices shipped with Windows 10 Mobile as the March OS update. Microsoft has updated the official Windows 10 Mobile OS update page with details about Build 10586.164. This eventually means no Build 10586.122 release to non-insider devices and that Build 10586.164 follows the last released Build 10586.107. Due to this non-insiders will receive all the fixes of Build 10586.122 in the Build 10586.164 itself.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.164 Full Changelog:

OS updates:

10.0.10586.164 OS update (March 2016) for Lumia Phones with Windows 10. Key improvements in this release include:

  • Improvements for the reliability of app notifications, including text messages and alarms not ringing as scheduled.
  • Improvements for text message backup to reduce data and battery usage.
  • Fixes for Microsoft Edge with address bar suggestions showing late or persisting during navigation, “Close all tabs” not closing all tabs, and Word Flow on the address bar not functioning as expected.
  • Fix for a problem where the Microsoft account was not detected by the Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar and People app. Attempting to add a new contact in this state caused the People app to crash for some users.
  • Fix for a problem that caused the Wi-Fi connection to temporarily switch off after prolonged use for some users.
  • Fix for a problem that caused first-party app updates to fail to install successfully for some users, leaving the apps in state where they cannot be launched.
  • Improvements for battery usage, Bluetooth connectivity, and OS reliability.