So, Microsoft surprised everyone by releasing Windows 10 Mobile Build 10572 just days after release of Build 10549 and here we are with our first impressions and details about the unlisted changes missing in official Changelog. 

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10572 first impressions:

  • If you don’t count the extra upgrade step of rolling back to Window Phone 8.1 for upgrading to Build 10572, the build offers a relatively smoother upgrade.
  • While the build comes with its own share of known issues that you can read here, it is one of the most polished and smoothest (operating) Windows 10 Mobile build ever.
  • Performance is quite good and there is a feel of homogeneity across the OS meaning you find it working smoother and faster nearly across the entire OS.
  • The best part about this build is that even if you don’t do a hard reset after upgrade, you can live with it as there are not many bugs. Still, Hard Reset makes the experience better in our opinion.
  • Lock Screen bug is completely fixed and Microsoft has even added a new Lock Screen animation as bonus.
  • Nearly all the basic native apps like Messaging, Mail, Store etc work fine.
  • People app and Accounts settings are enhanced and offer better control over accounts and contacts to be shown
  • It hasn’t crashed even once on my two devices and runs impressively well, even on my Lumia 525.
  • Battery discharge rate has been steadily low and while we will share more in coming days, the first impressions are impressive.

In a nutshell, Windows 10 Mobile Build 10572 looks stable, impressive and runs well on even low-end devices. But like always it needs to be evaluated more. We will share our detailed hands-on review after playing with the build for some days. Regarding the oft-asked question of suitability as the daily driver, if you are already a Fast Ring Insider jump right in!! For Slow Ring Insiders, you won’t regret using this build. Those who have left Insider Preview program due to buggy builds or are completely new to preview program, wait for 2-3 days and check for your detailed review of this build.

Now coming to unlisted changes of Build 10572, here is what we found. Also check the video demo of these features at the bottom to see these in hands-on action.

Reachability Mode changes & Enhanced Email & Accounts settings:

  • Reachability mode can be exited with just one tap now. You can see instruction written that shows how to exit it with just one tap
  • Accounts settings are enhanced. “Your Email & Accounts” option now has all the “Email, Calendar and Contacts” accounts and even the accounts used by other accounts like “Facebook” listed. Ease to manage from one central place.

Build 10572.1

Lock Screen & Start changes:

  • Lock Screen has a new opening animation that only has date moving up while opening. Check for yourself.
  • The double tap to lock screens settings now has moved to “Lock Screen” settings
  • The transparency slider works as per the name now. So by increasing the slider percentage, start becomes more transparent

Build 10572.2

Motion Data, Data Usage & Mobile Hotspot changes:

  • Motion Data offers option to collect data about “recent places”
  • Data Usage has now options of data usage limit and don’t allow “mobile data if there is no internet access over WiFi”

Build 10572.3

Developer options, People Live Tiles & Edit Numbers:

  • Developer Device Portal is here making sideloading of apps easier.
  • People Live Tiles has the new look as was revealed on Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL earlier and even seen on Emulator build 10563.
  • Now you can edit number by moving cursor across while keying the number from the Phone Dialer.

Build 10572.4

Hands-on demo of unlisted features:

Do let us know if you have found anything else and we are happy to cover it.