Latest Windows 10 Mobile Emulator comes with new Build 10158 and we have shared the changes that it brings with itself in our earlier post. Now some screenshots have been posted that demo those changes.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10158 changelog:

The built-in camera app includes rich capture by default and video has options up to 120fps.

Microsoft Edge and Store apps both have transparent tiles instead of the default blue color.

Very smooth transitions for opening and switching apps.

The People app’s live tile uses circles where your contact’s pictures roll around instead of square tiles that flip.

The volume slider is back to being rounded again.

Wallet is back and is capable of adding “loyalty cards and passes by linking apps from the store to your wallet”

Build 10158 screenshots1 build 10158 screeshots2One more change that is available in the screenshots is a new people app animation that is said to be present even on some of the Build 10149 running devices. But it is not there on our devices, so we will see a demo GIF of this feature. Click here to see the feature in action.