Window 10 for phone prepWindow 10 for Phones preview download page in some markets have been updated by Microsoft to reflect preparation for upcoming release. One of our tipster has sent us above screenshots from the preview page from Mexico market.

So, you can see information about “why you should or shouldn’t install the preview and about how to become a window insider and there are link to “system requirement” and “list of compatible devices”. Only issue is that these links are not working for now. Also, you will see this (Phone specific) page only when you use browser on your Lumia / Windows Phone devices. Here is the text from the page with links. Surprisingly, the Windows Insider app link take to “preview for developers” app for now.

Do not say that you do not notice…

Technical Preview is for technical experts and serious Windows phone enthusiasts. If you think

that S/MIME has to do with escaping from an invisible box, it is possible that by now perhaps you want stay with Windows Phone 8.1.

Follow these steps to download Technical Preview:

1.Sign up for the Program Windows Insider, if you haven’t done it yet.

2. See if Technical Preview is suitable for you, and make sure that your phone appears in the list of compatible phones. Preliminary software does not always work as expected and may cause the phone to stop working permanently.

3. Open this web page from your phone and click download the application Windows Insider. You can also find the application Windows Insider shop from your phone.

4. Once the download is finished, open the Windows Insider application on your phone and

follow the instructions to install Technical Preview.

Download the application Windows Insider

Un teléfono con Windows 10 Technical Preview


When you update your phone, it is possible this may have to be reset more than once to

complete the installation of the Technical Preview. You can also go to settings > phone update

and select check for updates to view on your own, if there is still an update to install.

About your privacy. Microsoft will collect information about your installation and the use you give to Windows 10

Technical Preview to improve our products and services. Please see our privacy statement for more information.

This software is preliminary. Windows 10 Technical Preview could suffer significant changes before the commercial release.

Microsoft makes no warranty, nor express or implied, with respect to the information. Some

features and functionality of the product may require additional software or hardware.

Source ( Open on your smartphone)

Thanks Alberto for the tip. Cheers!!