Notification Win 10Microsoft has pushed a new Build for Windows 10 Desktop but has asked for more time to deliver a new Windows 10 for Phones Build. Though he has reconfirmed support for more phones arriving with the new build.

We’re working hard to bring you a new build of Windows 10 for phones as well but we need a bit more time for that one, and we still expect to support additional phones when we release it.

But on further prodding, Gabe Aul hasn’t ruled out a late this week release of the Build, though it may seem unlikely, given Microsoft may want to focus on the Windows 10 Desktop Build feedback.

Coming to one more not-so-exciting news, those expecting a weekly build with “Fast Rings getting faster” may be in for disappointment. It seems, we can expect something in range of few weeks as the build frequency, depending upon the payload of the new build.

For those of you in the Fast ring we do expect to deliver builds with newer features and fixes more often, but you’ll also see more bugs with fewer workarounds. I also don’t want to set expectations that you’ll see new builds daily or weekly. We will still have regular periods where we’re integrating new code that needs to spend time stabilizing, so we’ll have some weeks where we expect builds to flow out (we call them “flighting windows”) and some where we’ll hold back.

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