Google has made Android O (8.0.0)  Developer Preview 3 available now for eligible devices enrolled to Android Beta program. While upcoming Nokia Android Phones are not eligible for Android O Beta program, HMD has already made it clear that they will be the first ones to get Android O update, when made available by Google.

The Android 8.0 Dev Preview 3 brings many unmentioned changes and new features with itself. While Google has been unable to provide a list of changes brought by the update, we were able to notice these changes during our hands-on. We have listed these changes and new features below and have also demoed them in our hands-on video. The device used in this video is LG Nexus 5X.

What’s new in Android 8.0 Dev Preview 3:

  • Android O is now named as Android 8.0.0 in system settings
  • WiFi and Mobile Data icons have swapped places in Notification Center and are back to their original positions
  • A very aesthetically appealing feature comes with Dev Preview 3. If you are playing music then the Album art is used to make your notification banner look beautiful in Action Center. This even appears on the Lock Screen. Check the hands-on to see it in action.
  • If an app is running in background you will be prompted with a notification in Action center now.
  • Battery Settings has got a very nice looking animation that you would love to see in the hands-on video
  • Camera has got UI changes. Now there is a defined icon to swap between rear and front camera.
  • System UI Tuner has many of its Android 8.0 Dev Preview 3 customization options gone in Dev Preview 3.
  • If you have a Pixel device then you can go to Pixel launcher to change the icon shape to an extra option “Teardrop”.
  • WiFi icon now goes from status bar when WiFi is turned off
  • Clock app has a new icon and a new theme too

Android 8.0 Dev Preview 3 Hands-on Video: