If you remember we told you long back that HMD isn’t getting the required support from Light, the company behind Nokia 9 PureView camera technology. We also told you how Nokia 9.2/Nokia 9.3 PureView won’t feature Light tech in their cameras.

Now, in a proper validation of our exclusive report, Light has confirmed that it is done with smartphones. In a statement provided to Android Authority, Light has revealed, it is no longer operating in the smartphone industry.

There were many murmurs doing rounds when we first reported about HMD ditching Light camera technology in the future flagships. Though, HMD is still free to tweak and use the technology used on Nokia 9 PureView in future smartphones as it owns the rights.

Coming to Nokia 9.3 aka Nokia 9.3 PureView, the flagship is long due to succeed the Nokia 9 PureView. It is powered by Snapdragon 865 processor and may feature world-class rear and front cameras. We earlier shared tips from our sources regarding the camera technology and selfie camera/display design of the Nokia 9.3.

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