HMD is preparing to unleash its latest Nokia smartphone range at MWC 2020 and it may be a big affair. But if a tip from a known source needs to be taken into account HMD may have already shelved the flagship Nokia 9.1 PureView.

So, Nokia 9.1 PureView may not be launched at MWC 2020 at all and HMD may be focusing on Nokia 9.2 powered by Snapdragon 865 instead. While this doesn’t sound good, we have always believed that HMD should launch its flagships with the latest processors at the right time and not 4-5 months late.

The tip also claims that this will enable HMD to launch Nokia 9.2 in the first half of 2020 like other manufacturers. This will be great if the tip holds true. But we suggest you take this with a pinch of salt as the launch dates are highly unpredictable with HMD when it comes to flagships.

The tip further claims that the Nokia 9.2 won’t feature “Light camera technology” with their track-record of not getting post-launch support for Nokia 9 PureView. It still will come with a “great camera” with a big sensor from an old Nokia camera partner.  It may still come with a multi-lens camera but without Light technology. HMD may rather adopt a “Nokia 8” like feature/pricing balance to usher in more sales with the Nokia 9.2.

While these are preliminary details and much can change later, we will keep you updated as more concrete information emerges about Nokia 9.2.