Owners of Volvo cars maker announced plans to update its Windows Phone app,Volvo On Call in late June to add Cortana voice control support .

Those who don’t know about this app check out the details below:

Starting from model year 2015.5, Volvo now brings you the ability to access your vehicle from your Windows Phone. This requires that your vehicle is equipped with a Volvo On Call Telematics unit. If your vehicle conforms to these requirements you will, depending on your model, be able to:
– See vehicle dashboard values, such as fuel level, trip meters, and more, in the App.
– Control your engine block heater, if your car is equipped with a fuel-driven engine block heater.
– Locate your car on a map or using the car’s horn and direction indicators.
– Lock and unlock the vehicle.
– Request roadside assistance from the App.
– Keep an electronic driving journal that will create trip reports for every trip made with the vehicle.
Even if you do not currently own a Volvo conforming to the requirements above, you can still install the App and use it in demonstration mode, in order to see some of the functionality offered by Volvo On Call.

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