The Windows phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is Voice 2 Mail Plus. This app let you to record & Email your voice together with pictures.

Voice 2 Mail Plus Features :

– Up to 20 pictures can be attached to every email

– Pictures can be taken within the app from the camera or fetched from the phone storage

– If locationservice is enabled, then the GPS position of each picture will be saved

– All pictures will be attached and sent as HTML enabled Email

– Additionaly a map from Bing maps will be included, where the 10 first pictures locations are marked The real address for the saved GPS position is also shown next to the picture

– Clicking on the map will open Bing maps and show all the locations there

– All pictures can also be saved together with the email and voice locally and will be displayed in a nice overview in the pictures- and also in the saved notes dialog

– Pictures dialog will show the current and also all picture’s location in a bing map control on the phone

– There it will also display the GPS coordinates together with some more data

– The map view can be zoomed, moved and switched between street and aerial mode,

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