plexUniversal Plex app has received an new update. The new version is The latest update brings lots of new changes and Fixes.

Plex Changelog:

  • (Sync) Performance improvements

  • (Photos) Save photos from photo gallery

  • (Photos) Enable photo pinch-zoom

  • (Win) (UI) Merged Sync, Camera Upload and Friends into single Status page

  • (UI) Status page item options use context menus instead of secondary appbar buttons

  • (UI) Sort servers in server picker dropdown

  • (UI) Modernize semantic zoom letter style

The update also brings the following fixes:

  • (WP) (Music) A number of problems playing music

  • (WP) (UI) User icon wasn’t displaying on resume

  • (Win) (UI) Automatically enter true full-screen in Windows 10, when launched in tablet mode

  • (Win) (UI) Semantic Zoom issues in library sections

  • (Win) (UI) Focus issues in show, season and artist pages and in library sections

  • (Win) (UI) Wider items when displaying folder names

  • (Win) (Music) Present the correct filter types in album view

  • (Win) (Prefs) Hide pref for Media Center Pack on Windows 10

  • A number of user-reported crashes

Install link