Window 10 KeyboardTwo new Windows 10 for Phones features that at least I was not aware of yet. Surprisingly these two features are listed in the official “How to use Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones” page.

So, if you have a Windows Phone device with screen size of 5-inch or more you can move your keyboard and reposition it . I have a Lumia 730 with Windows 10 for Phones preview, so no joy for me, though.

Move your keyboard
On any phone that with a 5 inch screen or larger, reposition your keyboard by pressing and holding the spacebar to unlock it. Then drag your finger up or down the screen to place it. Drag the keyboard to either side of the screen to dock it.

Not only you can expand and reply to messages in “Notification center”, it seems you can like Facebook posts too after expanding it, though I have yet to use this feature.

When a notification appears on your screen or when you view it in action center, take action without opening the app. Expand notifications to see more details and act on certain notifications, whether it’s “liking” a social network post or replying to a message.

Have you moved and docked you keyboard on Lumia 830 or liked a Facebook post directly in Action center yet?