Some cool apps and games, which I tried and found worth sharing with you!


This neat app allows you to download webpages and related content for offline use and a cool feature of this app is the ability to set the depth to which the offline download works. This means you can decide to download even the linked content to a URL, if you wish to do so or you can just download the URL content. May be the app can get bit more polish and some design improvements, but is really powerful.


webStore lets you download chunks of the internet and carry them around on your phone so that you will be able to browse them later even when you don’t have a data connection. Just give the app a starting URL and it will crawl through all the linked pages, pulling down content. You can specify whether to download images and the depth of links to follow. Use inclusion and exclusion strings to specify exactly which pages you want to get. If you like, you can set a number of days after which the download will expire so that the next time you run the app you can download all expired sets automatically.

Use webStore for news sites, reference sites, blogs, whatever you like! The app comes with examples to download the whole periodic table with articles on every element or to download the latest main articles from the BBC news site. If you want to be a geek, you can get the specifications for each download by email and then tweak and edit them on your PC before copying them back into the app.

Or you can just use it casually. If you’re browsing with Internet Explorer and come across a page you want to refer to later, just copy the URL over, set the link depth to 1 and download the page. Now you have it on your phone. When you no longer need it, just delete it.

Free trial gives you fifty downloads.

webStore link


Stule Jukebox:

Ths Style Jukebox Windows Phone app already has got lots of reviews and good user ratings, but it is again a very useful app for carrying your music in cloud. It allows 3000 songs upload for free and has apps available for Android, iOS, Windows apart from Windows Phone. It allows syncing of songs for offline use. The playback quality remains top-notch due to its Hi-Fi sound feature.


• Upload up to 3,000 songs for free
• All your music and playlists are automatically synced
• Stream your music over 2G/3G+/Wi-Fi
• Download songs on your phone for offline playback or to reduce data plan usage
• You can store music bought online, music imported from CDs, even music you create
• Control music with your voice. Play, queue or search songs using Cortana and Style Jukebox
• You have instant access to your entire music collection at High-Fidelity sound quality (including lossless formats FLAC and M4A ALAC)
• Create temporary song queue
• If you stop using Style Jukebox, you still own the music!

Install link

24444db7-97b3-42aa-9133-e17082bd1095Wave Master:

This is an unique app for Windows Phone and allows professional quality audio editing on the smartphone itself. The app has got Soundcloud integration with the latest update.


Record or modify existing tracks!
Wave Master allows you to edit audio files directly on your smartphone:
♫ professional waveform
♫ multitouch timeline
♫ multitrack editor with preview
♫ import/export/share your tracks from OneDrive or Music Library
♫ share your tracks on SoundCloud
♫ supports multiple formats such as mp3, wav, aac
♫ create and export custom ringtones
♫ edit track metadata
♫ undo/redo actions
♫ mute/unmute tracks
♫ tools: cut, copy, paste, delete, crop, split, move
♫ effects: amplify, reverse, invert, silence, tremolo, wah wah, tempo change, speed change, pitch change, fade, echo, repeat

Install link



FlipSomeTiles HD:

If you are in puzzle games, you gotta try this. Looks simple, yet takes lots of your time and brain cells. Very addictive!!


FlipSomeTiles HD is an original and addictive puzzle game. Your goal is to find the good path with your finger.

Your goal is to find a good path with your finger in puzzle: You must trace a path with your finger from the start mark to the end mark while flipping all white tiles to gold.

FlipSomeTiles HD main features :
– 4 modes : classic, time attack, survivor, random.
– 168 levels.
– HD support
– Animated tutorial
– live tile that show progress.

Install link