Transparency tilesThe Windows Phone 8.1 brings much-needed customization with itself and not only you can control number of tiles to be displayed on start screen, but you can also set your favorite images to the start screen and most of the native tiles turn transparent to show the world what is behind your start-screen. This sounds like fun and it indeed is, but not all tiles pinned to start screen turn transparent themselves and you have bit of inconsistency on the start screen. So, here is a neat app to help you with really making the background shine with making all the tiles transparent.

Transparency tiles have been developed by Matthew Miller and it enables one to add transparent tiles for services like Facebook, Twitter, Games Hub and many more. Once you have added tiles with help of Transparency tiles, you can unpin the actual Live Tiles and use the tiles created with help of “Transparency Tiles” to access the related application. You can check the above three screenshots for knowing “how it works”. It really is a simple but useful application and those who are already running Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview can male use of it.

Click here for installing the app and for the big list of apps its supports.