XDA devs port Nokia Store & Nokia MixRadio from Nokia X to other Droids.

  Nokia launched Nokia X family with Android core with a promise of 75% existing Android apps compatibility, now seems this compatibility exists other way round as well. Which means devs at XDA-devlopers forum have successfully ported the Nokia Store app to other Droids....

Tutorial: VBA8 How to get ROMs video

I have received several emails over the last few months about help with getting ROMs on their VBA8 app so today I did a short how to video for you.  Also be sure to check out our past coverage on VBA8 by clicking HERE, and...

How to stop music & create playlist (easier method) on your Windows Phone.

This tutorial aims to provide you with another (easier but less versatile) method of creating playlists on your Windows Phone. Also many complain about absence of the option of completely stopping music on Windows Phone and for now one can just pause it. So,...

Lumia imaging tech brings Light painting to smartphones. Tips, Images and Video.

Photogs and Lumia imaging enthusiasts amongst us would know that we can set shutter speed on Lumias to as high as 4 secs, arguably the  most on smartphones. This camera capability gives rise to awesome creations in form of light paintings. We received a...

Video tutorial: Adding Translator to Internet explorer on Windows Phone.

Internet explorer on Windows Phone is very capable in rendering webpages and it never disappoints with its performance. There are certain missing features though, which sometimes draw criticism from the users. One of them is lack of "language translator" feature. So, in case you...

How to create playlists on your Windows Phone.

There is no easy way to create a playlist on Windows Phone and this is really something many of us complaint about Windows Phone music listening experience. If you are in United states and have a Xbox music pass then you can create playlist...

How to download Windows Phone apps not available for your region.

There are many Windows Phone apps, for example Xbox apps, which are not available for many regions, outside United States. There may be cases, when an app is available for all of the regions, but there may be some offer going for some other...

Nokia Software Recovery Tool and Rayman Fiesta Run

Software or update issues or your phone froze and is not responding (stuck at spinning gears), Nokia has got your back with "The Nokia Software Recovery Tool".  Your computer will need the following before downloading the Recovery Tool. Windows 7 or later USB connector from phone...

Facing issues with installation of Apps / Games on Your Windows Phone. Try this tutorial.

If you are facing issues with installation of some Games or Apps on your windows phone, then you are certainly not alone. Usually, such issues occur during installation of Games or Apps with big download and bigger installation size. Asphalt Airborne 8 is such...

Video tutorial: Inserting Sim & MicroSD card in Lumia 1320.

This tutorial is to help you in inserting Sim Card and MicroSD cards in your Lumia 1320. For doing so, you need to first remove the back cover and then find both the slots, which is demoed in the below video. Check it out,

Go hack happy! Samsung ATIV Odyssey gets INTEROP UNLOCKED.

Something interesting for Powerusers here!! Windows Phone usually are considered less hackable and consequently less modifiable. But seems, fellas at XDA developers have taken to deep love with Samsung's Windows Phone 8 devices!! Sometime back we heard about Samsung ATIV S getting rooted and now...

App Folder is available for GDR2 / Amber. Data indicators (Arrow) icon post Lumia Black.

Good news for those wondering whether App Folder will be available to their Lumias even without Lumia Black update. (As earlier reported Lumia Black is currently rolling-out to only Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 with others supposed to get it in coming weeks. Read...

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