Nokia x port Nokia launched Nokia X family with Android core with a promise of 75% existing Android apps compatibility, now seems this compatibility exists other way round as well. Which means devs at XDA-devlopers forum have successfully ported the Nokia Store app to other Droids. This opens the door to some of the awesome and exclusive Nokia services like HERE Maps and Nokia MixRadio for Powerusers. So, while porting of HERE Maps is deemed as “work in progress”, Nokia MixRadio has already been ported.

Nokia X Mucisc port

While the installation process of Nokia Store to other Droids is fairly simple and one needs to sideload the Nstore.apk file, not all apps are playing nice. This may be due to Nokia exclusive APIs and permissions. For common Android user, while this all may not make much sense, for PowerUsers it is certainly much fun!!

Source: XDA forum

Via: GSMArena