If you are facing issues with installation of some Games or Apps on your windows phone, then you are certainly not alone. Usually, such issues occur during installation of Games or Apps with big download and bigger installation size. Asphalt Airborne 8 is such an example and I faced lots of issue while installing this on my Lumia 1320 review unit. So, in spite of having more than 2.5 GB free phone storage, it was giving me “memory” errors. What are my options then? In fact there are two more options.

Remote installation:

Windows phone

Login to Windowsphone.com on your PC / Tab and remember you have to login to windowsphone site for your country / market. Once you are logged in, go to “Apps+Games” and you can install or reinstall the apps / games on your phone remotely from PC, as seen in the above and below screenshots. You may also need to update your phone number, before it can work for you. Once you will click on install or reinstall, it will try to remotely push the installation to your phone and will notify, if installation begins on your phone.


MicroSD card installation:

So, if remote installation doesn’t work and you have MicroSD card support on your device then, you can try MicroSD card installation. Go to your desired game or app in WindowsPhone store on your PC, and as shown in above screenshot click on “Download and Install manually”. This will prompt you to download a XAP file. Once done, you can transfer this XAP file to MicroSD card by connecting your phone to PC. After transferring XAP to MicroSD card,

  1. On Start Start button, tap Store Marketplace tile, then tap SD card. If you’ve just inserted the SD card or added the .XAP files, you might need to wait a few minutes before you can access your SD card from the Store.

  2. Select the apps you want, then tap Install. Apps that can be installed are listed under Compatible apps. You’ll need to have the latest version of the .XAP file from the Store on your SD card before you can install it. If you don’t have the latest version, it’ll be listed under Incompatible apps.

In fact, I was able to install Asphalt: Airborne 8 on my Lumia 1320 with help of MicroSD card installation. So, try these options in case you are facing issues with installation of games or apps and let us know how did you find this tutorial?